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in SANTINO, we understand that every sip matters and every detail counts.

we take pride in providing comprehensive solution to elevate your coffee and beverage business to new heights.

Discover The Finest Selection

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Exquisite collection of coffee beans originated from Indonesia and around the world – each a testament to our commitment to quality

Specialty Coffee Beans

Elevate your coffee experience with the authentic taste of Santino Specialty Coffee Beans

Powder Drinks

Wide range of powder drinks, premix powders and toppings, crafted to create delightful beverage.

Coffee Machines

The right equipment to a flawless brew, our coffee machines bring precision and consistency in every cup.


Unleash the potential of your team as they master the art of crafting the perfect cup, ensuring every pour is a work of art.


Coupled with comprehensive Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) analysis to ensure your prouducts are not just delicious but also financially sound.


Our assistance is always just a call away, we stand by you every step of the way by providing :

  • Free Preventive Maintenance
  • Free Machine Installation
  • Free Machine Backup

Business Solution

We tailor solutions to your unique needs and aspirations, because your success is our ultimate goal.

Our commitment goes beyond providing products,
it extends to understanding you to build your success story together.